ShopKart Suppliers and their Products

In this newsletter we are going to go over keeping your products up to date by logging into the admin portion of your website. While Netsoft does the work of updating Master Catalogs, you still need to update your website(s). It really is very easy once you understand the workflow, so lets do this!

Here are a few subjects we will cover:

  • Updating from Master Database
    • Making Vendors
      Active or In-Active
  • Syncing with Order Manager
Updating Products from Master Database

After you login to the Administration Control Panel of your ShopKart e-commerce website there will be several icons. Click on the Suppliers Icon to open your list of suppliers. From the Suppliers screen you can do the following for each Supplier:

  • Edit Supplier
  • Refresh from Master Catalog
  • Delete Supplier

Let’s get into the details of each of these areas

Edit Supplier

On the Edit Supplier Screen you can change the status of a Supplier to Active or Inactive.  If Inactive, the supplier’s information and all their products are still in your product database, but none of the products will appear on your website.

We always recommend changing the status of a vendor to Inactive vs. Deleting.

  • Delete:
    • If you delete the product from the database, the next time you refresh your products from the Master Catalog, the Master Catalog will add the deleted products back to your ShopKart website.
  • Inactive:
    • If you make products inactive on your ShopKart website, Master Catalog will not be able to add or change those inactive products on your ShopKart website.

Refresh from Master Catalog

On the Refresh from Master Catalog page you will be able to update the products from a Supplier.  Suppliers provide new, updated and deleted product information to Netsoft Studio on a regular basis. Each time a Supplier updates their products or add/delete products from our Master Database, Netsoft Studio will organize products and apply appropriate categories the products will appear in. There are three sections:

  • Updating Existing Product Options:
    • In this section there are several check boxes, please take the time to read and check/uncheck the appropriate boxes.
  • Discontinued Product Options:
    • We recommend that you change the status of Discontinued Products to In-Active-Discontinued.  This way, after the update is done, you can go to your product database and select the In-Active-Discontinued status and Supplier to filter all those products that are discontinued.  On this list you can select which products to permanently delete, or change the product to Active in case you still have inventory on hand you need to sell.
  • New Product Options:
    • In this section, if you have multiple stores, you will be able to select which stores you want to add the new products to. Please read carefully the Price New Products to set the retail prices on new products.

Once you are ready, simply click on the Proceed and Synchronize with Master Catalog button at the bottom of the screen.

The Refresh from Master Catalog feature is one of the differences between our e-commerce site and others.  Netsoft Studio does most of the work for you and allows you to spend a minimal amount of time on your product database to keep your product listing up to date.


If you click on the Delete Icon, a Warning Screen will appear giving you another chance to reconsider.  Please read the WARNING to make sure what you are deleting is really what you want to do.

If you have any questions on the Refresh from Master Catalog section, please e-mail our Tech Support for clarification.


Syncing with Order Manager

Once you have completed the updates of your product database in bizwizIQ ShopKart, it is time to update your bizwizIQ Order Manager. Log in to your bizwizIQ Order Manager. On the ribbon bar, click on CONFIGURATION, then IMPORT/EXPORT icon and select IMPORT PRODUCTS FROM SHOPKART.

A window will pop up. Please read and when ready press the Import/Update Products From ShopKart Products button.

The process to sync your ShopKart Database with your Order Manager Database may take up to 3-4 hours, depending on how many products need to be updated. If you start this process during the day, simply start another instance of Order Manager to use.