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 What does the status of an order mean? In this newsletter let’s talk about what the order status is, best practices, and work flow with your team. Please read below about the importance of using the Trigger Event button on the bottom of all Maintain Order screens.What happens when an order is in the following […]

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Using Calendars and Re-Order Reminders

How is your memory? A big order comes in at looks like it could be an annual order! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could remember to reach out to this customer in 10-11 months to try and secure the order before they go looking? Well……. you can with the use of the internal calendar […]

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Order Follow Up Template – Reviews

In Order Manager, when you trigger a job as being picked up, the cycle of the order is not done yet! You can use system setup to send a “Thank you for your order” email after a specified amount of days. In that email a generic message is available, but you can customize the email […]

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