Using Purchase Orders in bizwizIQ Order Manager

"Hey Joe, did you order the stuff for that big order yesterday?"

"Joe, I can't find that stuff you ordered!"

"Bob, did you open the box and put away the stuff I ordered?  Where is it?"

Do you have these questions asked in your shop?  If so, using the Purchase Order system in Order Manager can help you and your staff stay organized.  

Step #1
What do I need to order?

Step #2
Building P.O's

Step #3
​Receiving P.O's

Instead of using a clipboard, white board or a pile of orders or post it notes on what to order, use the order inventory features in Order Manager to keep track of what you need to order.
The video below explains the processes.

Once you are ready to order items for your jobs, you need to build your Purchase Orders.
Watch the demonstration video for more info.

​Now the delivery trucks show up with all the product that you have ordered! What orders are these products for?  If you use the receive P.O. feature in Order Manager it will tell you exactly what items go with what orders, keeping your team all working efficiently together

​Custom Purchase Orders

​Order Manager also has another way of creating P.O.'s.  It is Custom P.O.'s specific to just one order.  Sometimes you may have an order that you need to create a purchase order specifically for just one order.  Usually Custom P.O.'s are used when having to order custom product.

​The above videos talk about how to order items that are non inventory items, product that we keep on hand but may not keep an inventory level for, and Custom P.O's specific to one order.  If you have any other questions or would like more help understanding how using the Purchase Orders in Order Manager can help cut down on forgetting to order items or your staff wondering if something has been ordered or is in and ready to engrave, give our tech support a call for more help!